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There are many ways you can support MARS.

Your donations allow us to provide our responders with the kit, medical equipment, drugs and technology needed to deliver high quality pre-hospital care at the roadside. Making a difference to our patients and improving their outcomes.

Working alongside our ambulance service, MARS provides skills and interventions that they cannot deliver. We can add to the care that they provide.

We are here to support seriously injured and critically ill patients. We bring experience and clinical judgement in deciding what interventions the patient needs and which hospital to take them to.

As a charity, we would like to raise more awareness of how our team helps save lives.


We’re looking for people with experience in charities to help with the day to day running of MARS.


We’d love to raise more awareness of the charity – please share our site and social media content!


Financial support allows us to equip more emergency responders and save more lives.

Donate to MARS

The best way you can support us is by a donation. This money covers the cost of installing blue lights to a responders car and the expensive contents of a medical bag.

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